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The BNB Promos Brand - Born From Excellence

Who Is BNB Promotional Products?

BNB Promotional Products is a natural extension of the Best Name Badges brand.  Best Name Badges is one of the top 3 leading manufacturers of name badges and identification products in the United States.  Our name badge customers continuously asked if we could provide them with other types of products, and that's how BNB Promos was born.  Since we have a full manufacturing facility, we are able to customize all types of products on our existing equipment.  Best Name Badges has a strong reputation for fast delivery, world-class service, the lowest prices, and the highest quality products around.  BNB Promos shares the same facility, same staff, and same level of service our Best Name Badges customers have appreciated for years.

Why Should I Buy From BNB Promotional Products?

Our excellent pricing is a good start, but our service truly sets us apart.  If you have ever tried to order custom products, you know it can be a headache.  Most companies bounce you around to different departments and just aren't that knowledgeable about their products.  At BNB Promos, you work with just one service person, who you can easily reach when needed.  Our highly trained personnel work within our advanced system which focuses on timely deliveries, fast proofing, and keeping the customer in the loop.  You may find that working with BNB Promos is a true breath of fresh air.

BNB Promotional Products is also a manufacturing facility.   While we have a great relationship with partner manufacturers, we also produce many items right here.  This cuts out the middle man, allows us to provide great pricing, and also allows us to be in full control of the quality and delivery. 

Where Is BNB Promotional Products Located?

Our main office and manufacturing facilities are located in sunny (most of the time) South Florida.  The City of Plantation is just north of Miami and west of Fort Lauderdale.  Contact us or stop by during business hours.  We are also happy to come to your offices.

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